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The Police Roll of Honour Trust is the only official source of the United Kingdom's National Police Roll of Honour. The charity researches and maintains the National Police Roll of Honour for the entire United Kingdom, it contains both historical and contemporaneous records of all those police officers who have lost their lives both on and in the line of duty.

Press Release 22nd March 2017

Following the terrible events at Westminster today the Board of Trustees of the Police Roll of Honour Trust wish to offer their heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the Metropolitan Police officer who was fatally stabbed in the terror attack at Parliament.

The officer was aware of the unfolding events yet still went forward to stop the terrorist, the officer prevented that happening, but paid the ultimate price.

Not only was the officer defending the public, Parliamentary staff and MPs, he was quite literally defending the heart of our Democracy and the values and freedoms it represents.

Our thoughts are also with the innocent members of the public who were involved as well as all those who have also lost their lives.

Yet again a British Police Officer has performed their duty, they are a shining example of the courage and dedication displayed all over the United Kingdom by our Police officers. Tragically doing their duty has seen them pay the ultimate price; society owes them a debt we can never repay. In due course another name will be added to the United Kingdom's Police Roll of Honour, where they will be forever remembered.

- The Police Roll of Honour Trust maintains the official UK Police Roll of Honour, which contains the names of over 4,000 police officers who have lost their lives both and in the line of duty throughout history.

- The last Metropolitan Police officer to be fatally stabbed on duty was PC Nina Mackay in 1997. She was a member of the Terrorital Support Group and the daughter of our Chairman, Sid Mackay.

- The Metropolitan Police have over 700 officers remembered in the Police Roll of Honour.

- The complete Metropolitan Police Roll of Honour is available from our website at

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Our spokespeople

Sidney MacKay is our Chairman, he is a retired senior police officer who finished his career in the Metropolitan Police as a Chief Superintendent. His daughter was a serving Metropolitan Police officer who was fatally stabbed whilst on duty. He has provided a number of live television and radio interviews for the Police Roll of Honour Trust. He resides a short commute from London.

Steve Lloyd is our Trust Manager and principal media liaison. Steve retired from Greater Manchester Police after a full police career. Steve is located in the North West with easy access to Media City in Salford, he is available to travel throughout the UK.

John Giblin is a Trustee, he joined the Police Roll of Honour Trust after retiring from Gwent Police. John was the Chairman of the Sergeants' Central Committee of the Police Federation of England & Wales. He has extensive experience of writing for print media, online media and providing live comment. He lives in Wales but can travel.