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The Police Roll of Honour Trust is the only official source of the United Kingdom's National Police Roll of Honour. The charity researches and maintains the National Police Roll of Honour for the entire United Kingdom, it contains both historical and contemporaneous records of all those police officers who have lost their lives both on and in the line of duty.

Act of Remembrance; Devon and Cornwall

On 10th November 2017 PC Mark Rothwell represented the Police Roll of Honour Trust and laid a wreath as part of the Remembrance Service which took pace at Middlemoor Heaquarters of Devon and Cornwall Police.

Also present were Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer, Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez, Representatives of the Special Constabulary, Superintendents’ Association, Police Federation, NARPO, UNISON, Exeter Jewish Community, Exeter Muslim Community and the Torbay Interfaith Forum.

The service was read by Reverend Prebendary Philip Darby.

Statement 27th September 2017

The Police Roll of Honour Trust records the names of all those officers and civil staff who have died on duty.

The Trustees of the Police Roll of Honour Trust support the inclusion of every name contained within our Roll on any proposed memorial. We acknowledge the importance of this for the families, friends and colleagues of fallen officers.

We continue to research historical deaths whilst ensuring that eligible contemporaneous deaths are recorded. We undertake this work on behalf of the nation as a tribute to the men and women of our Police forces throughout the UK.

We have in the past, and will in the future provide a full list of names, free of charge or indebtedness, to any organisation making a legitimate request.

We have provided the Police Arboretum Memorial Trust with all the names.

We displayed, for the first time, the complete Roll with all the names at the National Police Memorial Day service in Cardiff and were humbled by the comfort and pride this gave to the families.

Contact Information

Journalists can contact us for comments, interviews and information.

Tel: 0141 300 4100 (Contact 24/7) or by email.

We are able to provide journalists with specific information for articles they are working on and we understand the various deadlines that exists within different forms of media; we will assist you to meet those deadlines.

Our website is a useful source for information however we can save you valuable time and effort using our offline resources to quickly generate information or research specific cases as required.

We are able to give informed comment on a number of issues linked to our work and have supported television, radio, online & print media. We do not charge.

Our spokespeople

Sidney MacKay is our Chairman, he is a retired senior police officer who finished his career in the Metropolitan Police as a Chief Superintendent. His daughter was a serving Metropolitan Police officer who was fatally stabbed whilst on duty. He has provided a number of live television and radio interviews for the Police Roll of Honour Trust. He resides a short commute from London.

Cait McLaughlin is a Trustee and principal media liaison. Cait is an experienced, freelance, communications and marketing officer with extensive experience working with the press and charities.

John Giblin is a Trustee, he joined the Police Roll of Honour Trust after retiring from Gwent Police. John was the Chairman of the Sergeants' Central Committee of the Police Federation of England & Wales. He has extensive experience of writing for print media, online media and providing live comment. He lives in Wales but can travel.