Police Roll Of Honour Trust
   Officers who fell on January 22nd throughout history. Lest We Forget.
1690 - Watchman John Pascall, London Night Watch
1799 - Officer Duncan Grant, London Public/Police Offices
1851 - Police Constable Robert Hill, Somerset Constabulary
1909 - Constable Martin Goldrick, Royal Irish Constabulary
1920 - Constable Luke Finegan, Royal Irish Constabulary
1921 - Police Constable William Henry Peers, Liverpool City Police
1921 - Constable Robert Henry Hegerty, Royal Irish Constabulary
1921 - Constable Frederick W. Taylor, Royal Irish Constabulary
1973 - Constable Samuel Culbert Hyndman, Royal Ulster Constabulary GC
1976 - Detective Constable Neville Cummings, Royal Ulster Constabulary GC
1976 - Inspector George Mclean Bell, Royal Ulster Constabulary GC
1978 - Police Constable Roland Cree McGowan, Lancashire Constabulary
1990 - Inspector Mervyn Derek Monteith, Royal Ulster Constabulary GC
2009 - Police Constable James Alexander Drew, Hampshire Constabulary

NB. The Royal Irish Constabulary is not currently included.


The Trust are committed to researching the history of police officers who have died on duty. We are always working to identify fallen officers who meet our criteria who have been previously lost to the ages.

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The Trust are responsible for maintaining the complete Roll Of Honour, remembering those officers who died whilst on duty. The roll is maintained for the benefit of the public.

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The Trust are committed to assisting in the restoration if memorials or gravestones dedicated to officers who died whilst on duty. The trust will also endeavour to erect new monuments where there is a recognised need.

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